Looking For ‘No Frills’ Restaurants in Rome? Try D’Augusto

Don’t be deceived by the brusque waiters, graffiti on the walls and rickety old tables and chairs. D’Augusto is one of those legendary restaurants in Rome that is loaded with character and known for its simple, delicious dishes and casual, lively atmosphere.

Where is D’Augusto?

Located in the popular neighbourhood of Trastevere in Piazza de’Renzi, D’Augusto is one of those small, hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Rome that at first glance might have you walking right on by. But it is one of the best places to eat in the eternal city according to locals and tourists alike.

What kind of dishes do they have?

D’Augusto serves authentic Roman cuisine, traditional starters, pastas and meat dishes. Highly recommended are the rigatoni all’Amatriciana (Rigatoni with Pancetta), stracciatella (egg-drop soup), roasted potatoes and roast pork. Meals are inexpensive at around 5 – 8 euro and desserts at 3 – 4 euro.

One of the quirky things about D’Augusto is that instead of printing out a bill, everything is totted up on your paper table cloth and at the end of the meal the tablecloth is whipped away into the bin. (Note: they don’t take credit cards, cash only)

What people say about D’Augusto

“As a concession to the modern age, Augusto has printed a menu on laminated plastic. But don’t look for other frills at this long-standing, much-loved trattoria”. – Lonely Planet

“The ravioli is fantastic, truly some of the best I have ever had” – Mr P, Delicious, Delicious, Delicious Blog article

“Delicious homemade dishes, a unique casual dining experience, with no nonsense service. Was worth waiting in the rain for the amazing ravioli and beautiful pine nut sponge cake layered with thick pastry cream.”- Charlotte Wray, Irish Traveller.

Directions to D’Augusto

Piazza de’Renzi 15, Rome
Ph: 06 580 3798

More about D’Augusto

(Photo by tamarindandthyme)