Check Out One Of The Tiny Restaurants in Florence Big On Taste

There are many great restaurants in Florence but you’ll know a restaurant is especially good if it’s full of Italians, rather than tourists. Take Trattoria Da Rocco for example, it’s overflowing with them. But don’t worry there’s always room for diners in this tiny trattoria, even if you have to ‘scusi’ up next to your neighbour.

Where is Trattoria Da Rocco?

Trattoria da Rocco is located inside Sant’Ambrogio market which is slightly east of the city centre. I first thought it was odd to have a restaurant inside a market but then realised it’s actually very smart – where else are local shoppers going to lunch after they’ve bought a fresh chicken and a bag of potatoes?

What kind of dishes do they have?

Da Rocco serves traditional Tuscan dishes, it’s kind of a cross between a deli and a restaurant as all the food has been pre-prepared. This is good as it means very prompt service! I had the lasagne (€3.50), an insalata mista (€3.50) and torta di mele (€2.50). Wine was €1.50 for 1/4 litre (not that I drunk that much!) and bread was free with a cover charge of €1. All this came to €11 which is very reasonable for Florence. Other dishes to choose from included: pasta, steaks, risotto, chickpea or bean soup, ribollita (a Tuscan soup made with bread and vegetables) and, if you’re really brave, the Florentine speciality – boiled tripe!

What is the atmosphere like at Da Rocco?

Eating at Da Rocco is like stepping into a personable Italian household. It’s intimate dining to the point where you sometimes need to share your table with other customers but the friendly staff give the place a lively vibe and owner/chef Rocco is a cheerful character. At one point he ran around putting a small pile of salt on the end of each table which I gathered was some kind of tradition, either that or he was expecting a lot of slugs!

Directions to Da Rocco

Mercato Sant’Ambrogio
Via Pietrapiana, 7, 50121 Firenze, Italy
+39 055 241075

Opening hours: 11.00am – 2.30pm

(Photo by an american in italy)