Bella Italia is an Italy travel guide where you can browse, dream and get inspired for your next trip to this most alluring of travel destinations. With the help of guest posts and original articles, Bella Italia strives to provide interesting reads, as well as practical information for travel to Italy.

me3Bella Italia combines my love of creative writing and passion for Italy. It was initially created so I could post my articles about its fascinating culture, history, towns and, of course, delicious food! Since its early beginnings Bella Italia has morphed quite dramatically in look and content. However, the intent behind it still remains the same; to provide inspiration for visiting Italy and practical travel advice.

My foray into travel writing began in the late 1990s when I first decided to travel to Italy when I was living in the UK. This resulted in a couple of my articles Down and Out in Pisa and Trya Speaka Da Lingo in Roma being published in a London magazine. Since then I have published numerous online and print articles about Italy and other travel destinations. I work full-time as a freelance content writer and travel by house-sitting in New Zealand, the UK and Europe.

I hope Bella Italia continues to grow and provide you with inspiration for travel to Italy. I plan on making many more visits in the future and I hope you do too.

Buon viaggio!
Angela Pearse