3 Tuscany Travel Tips You Should Know

Almost two million people invest in Tuscany travel each year to see such wonders as the Cathedral of Pisa, the centre of Florence, and the Val d’Orcia, all of which are World Heritage Sites. Travelling around a foreign nation can present challenges, but when it comes to the Italian region of Tuscany, tourists have several effective options.

Train Travel

One of the most popular ways to travel across Tuscany is by train. Each of the ten administrative divisions has a railway station, and rail services to all major towns are available. Visitors who travel primarily by train will find that this way of getting around simplifies their holiday travel. They will not need to learn to navigate the geography of Tuscany, deal with the complexities of traffic in a foreign nation, or worry about finding a parking space. In addition, railway stations in each city are usually centrally located, making it simple to walk to nearby sites of interest.

Train travel has its disadvantages, however. Some of the most charming locations in Tuscany lie in smaller villages that lack a train service. Tourists can generally travel to such locales by bus, and of course those visitors who have access to a car or motorbike can reach them easily.

Bus Travel

Bus companies serve all the major towns and cities and most of the smaller towns. Travellers who plan Tuscany travel in this way, however, must plan their holidays carefully, taking into account the schedules and vagaries of the bus services. While this is also true of the rail service, trains are generally more reliable in Tuscany than are the buses. As buses often travel through areas with heavy traffic, drivers are not always able to adhere to posted schedules; not infrequent mechanical problems can also interfere with their punctuality.

The slight challenges of bus service use are worth it to visit the lovely places that can be reached by using this form of transport. To take just one example, the medieval village of San Gimignano can only be reached by either private transport or by using the rail service to reach Poggibonsi. Taking a bus for about 20 minutes completes the remainder of the journey.

Car and Motorbike Travel

For more adventurous explorers, private transport is the ideal option. Car and motorbike hire is widely available in the major towns and it allows foreigners on holiday to enjoy a maximum level of flexibility during their time in Tuscany. It is not necessary to make detailed plans in advance; with a car or motorbike at their disposal guests in Tuscany can explore at will.

However, private transport also presents challenges. Drivers must learn to deal with rules of the road that vary from those at home, along with a different driving culture in which Tuscan motorists may seem somewhat undisciplined and dismissive of the driving laws. In view of that, it is essential to obtain the appropriate insurance. For example, those driving a motorcycle will need to invest in adequate motorbike insurance cover in order to protect their interests in the event of an accident on one of the major highways, such as the A12, A11, and the A1. Mishaps can also occur on lonely country roads, however, making motorbike insurance a must, even for those who decide to avoid the major routes and the traffic in the major cities.

Guest article courtesy of Anna DeWinter.

(Photo by ange_p)