3 Rome Attractions to Ensure a Classy Vacation

The city of Rome has been capturing the hearts of millions of people for a very long time. Guest contributor Fare Buzz shares his experiences in this remarkable city.

Rome attractions are famous all over the world, this city has it all – grandeur, culture, history and architecture. I am also amongst the many admirers of this beautiful city. Before I went there, I liked the city but after visiting the place, I fell in love with it. If you want to visit, it definitely pays to look online. I found many airlines like Lufthansa and Easy Jet which fly directly to Rome.

Rome’s San Luigi dei Francesi

Whilst taking in some Rome attractions I had a chance to visit the church of San Luigi dei Francesi; it is the most artistic church I have ever seen in my entire life and has the works of renowned artist Caravaggio. In one chapel it had the most amazing example of realistic art. There are many churches all across the world that are very beautiful but this one is exceptionally beautiful and unique.

San Luigi dei Francesi is located in 5 Via Santa Giovanna d’Arco, near Piazza Navona.

Visiting the Pantheon in Rome

I also managed to visit one of Rome’s most beautiful and historically significant pieces of architecture, the Pantheon. The Pantheon has the prestige of being the world’s largest strengthened dome. When I saw the Pantheon, I got a glimpse of the amazing history and richness of this place. It was complimented by Michangelo as being constructed by angels. The dome has a flawless structure; a perfect globe can be drawn in it. This place has a very fascinating history, it has been described as being dedicated to various Gods and has been under various authorities over the years. In fact, there was a time when this beautiful place was considered to be prohibited for the general public.

You can easily find the Pantheon at Via della Rotonda which is about ten minutes walk from San Luigi dei Francesi.

Wine and Food Tasting at Salumeria Roscioli in Rome

Rome attractions to be greatly enjoyed during any holiday are the wine and food tasting at restaurant Salumeria Roscioli in via dei Giubbonari. This was the greatest wine and food tasting I have ever been to. Our tasting included more than 2,500 labels of wine, more than 15 homemade breads and more than 400 kinds of cheese. The best part was the option of tasting more than 100 kinds of meat; this was something I had never done before. This food and wine was absolutely exquisite, it made me feel like I was on a really royal vacation. It will surely be one of the best memories of my entire trip.

The fact that I was very lucky to be able to find cheap tickets to Rome helped me to save a lot of money, which I was able to spend on some shopping that I did there. Cheap flights can be booked online or through a travel agent.

All the praise that this beautiful place gets is completely justified. Rome is a spectacular place to visit and you will have an amazing holiday!

(Photo by tejvanphotos)